Boat Number Info

How To Order Your Boat Numbers

Boat Registration Numbers Are Sold As A Set
You will receive one decal for each side of your boat

• Click the "Design It Now” box to start your order
• Type the text that you would like made into the “Text Box”
• Choose the font that you would like to use
• Select the vinyl color that you would like made
• Enter the number of sets needed into the quantity order box
• Click the “Add To Cart” button to order


Boat Registration Requirements

We have outlined the basic requirements needed to make your decal compliant with almost every state's vessel laws.

  • Boats that are registered must display registration numbers on both sides of the bow of the vessel.
  • Numbers are to be displayed in three parts, with a hyphen or space separating each part.
  • Numbers are to be block characters, 3 inches in height or more.
  • Thickness of the characters must be uniform. Slanted characters, scroll and decorative fonts are unacceptable.
  • Registration numbers must contrast the color of the boat, “so if your boat is white, do not use white letters”.

    Here are examples of what your numbers should look like when ordering-

    PA 1254 GH      


    The information provided above covers most states basic registration decal requirements. But, note that 1060 Graphics is in no way an authority on boating laws. It is the customers responsibly to learn any additional registration laws or requirements that may be needed in their particular state.