1060 Graphics - Custom Vinyl Lettering & Decals

FAQ About Applying Vinyl Lettering & Decals

How long can the water sit on the vinyl?

We recommend getting the water pushed out and evaporated as soon as you can.

  • Vinyl- The vinyl may stay wet as long as you need. Water will not affect the adhesive or vinyl itself at all.
  • Transfer Tape- Transfer tape may stay wet for a few minutes without any issues. Please note that the transfer tapes only purpose is to transfer the vinyl decal onto the surface and it is thrown away. So the adhesive is not meant to be permanent or strong. With that being said, if it says wet any longer than a few minutes the water will start to break the adhesive. If this occurs the glue will start to become a mess. You may still be able to apply the decal if this happens, but it will much harder.
  • Backing- You should not have any water sitting on the backing at all. If the backing becomes wet, it will break down and become a mess. Remember the backing is basically just paper. If you get it a little wet for a few seconds, it will not be that big of a deal. Because there is a thin layer of a wax paper on top, but it can not stay wet for long.

Applying temperature:

When applying your vinyl lettering or decals the correct temperature is very important. Being that the vinyl backing is basically a glue and it will need to be warm in order for it to stick. Also, the vinyl itself will not be as pliable if it is too cold. On the other hand if it is too hot the vinyl may become too pliable and it may stretch. We recommend application temperatures to be between 70 to 90 °F (21.11 to 32.22 °C).


Vinyl thicknesses are different and will affect how they are applied:

Our premium vinyl is much thinner than our standard vinyl. This allows it to be much more playable than our standard. It also helps in the overall finished product being closer to the surface, “giving it a cleaner look”. But, be aware that when applying the decal you will have to be gentler with the vinyl itself, “as far as pulling or stretching it”.

Hopefully, by knowing this information about our premium vinyl beforehand will help when applying.
Standard vinyl thickness. 2.5 mil

Premium vinyl thickness. 2 mil