1060 Graphics - Custom Vinyl Lettering & Decals

How To Order

• Click the "Design It Now” box to start your order
• Type the text that you would like made into the “Text Box”
• Choose the font that you would like to use
• Select the vinyl color that you would like made
• Enter the number of decals that you would like into the quantity box
• Click the “Add To Cart” button to order


Your custom vinyl lettering can be made in any font, color, text, and size that you want. Every line of text needed will equal a quantity of one in the order box. Order as many lines of text as needed.


Important notes: We set limits to the number of letters that you can enter in each sized line. This is done because depending on the lettering height and length selected only a certain number of letters will fit into that line of text. If, more than the recommend amount of letters are used, the text would be squished and not be readable. If, your custom text does not fit into a certain sized line. Please just find the next decal size available that will allow your text to fit correctly.

Please be sure to type your text exactly how you would like it done. Double-check all spelling, grammar, and spaces before you order. Your lettering will be made using the exact text information sent to us.

Lettering sizes: Your lettering will be made using the overall lettering sizes selected. We measure from the very top to the very bottom of your entire line of text to get the overall lettering height. Your line of text can be made up to the maximum length ordered (per line). But, you may request to have your lettering made to any length that you would like. Your lettering will be made to scale using the overall lettering size and text information given to us. If an exact line length is needed, let us know.

Other info: Lettering is made in whole words, properly spaced and will have clear transfer tape over the decal. Once the decal is applied it will be the lettering only in the vinyl color selected, there is no background.

*Our live design is only used to view your text in the font and color that you would like made. The scale of your lettering may vary from this preview. The scale and length of your custom lettering will depend on the number of letters in the line of text, line size and the font used.