How to Remove Vinyl Lettering & Decals

When it is time to remove your vinyl decal the most important thing to remember is to use a little heat. We recommend a hair dryer for this process. Remember that the extra heat is only used to make the adhesive on the back of the vinyl more playable. So that it will not stick to the current surface, "you do not want to use so much heat that it will damage the surface".

Once the vinyl is warmed up, "just start peeling away with your fingers". If it is on glass you may want to use a razor blade to scrape it off, "if you feel is safe to use". It is all elbow grease now. Once you have peeled all of the vinyl away, you may be left with some extra adhesive on the surface. Get a rag or some type of towel that will be safe to use on your surface and start wiping in circles. Please do not use any harsh chemicals to help remove the vinyl or adhesive. It is not needed and may damage your surface. We use plain old Windex (glass cleaner). We also would recommend using rubbing alcohol, if it is acceptable to apply to your surface without damaging it.

*The information stated above is for example purposes only. These examples are what we have found to be the best ways in removing vinyl. You will need to decide what the best way is to remove your vinyl from whatever surface you have applied it to.