1060 Graphics - Custom Vinyl Lettering & Decals

Make sure that your Vinyl Lettering & Decals Stick

Here are a few key factors to be aware of before applying any of our custom vinyl.

First is temperature. If the area or surface where you will be applying the vinyl to is too cold, the vinyl will not stick. The adhesive glue on the back of the vinyl needs to be warm in order for it to adhere properly to the surface. If it is too cold, it may not be fully bonded, and may fall off. To avoid this, the standard minimum recommended application temperature is 70 °F (21.11 °C)

Car waxes
If you use any car waxes or other products, we recommend first cleaning the area that the vinyl will be applied. Because the wax is made to keep things off of the car, the vinyl will not have anything to properly adhere to.

Surface type
For the best vinyl application, the vinyl should only be applied to completely smooth and flat surfaces.

Window sprays and solutions
If you use any types of window sprays like “Rain-X”, or other water repellents, the area should be cleaned before the vinyl is applied. To remove any of these types of solutions from the window, rubbing alcohol is recommended. Like the car wax, because the solutions in these products are meant to keep dirt and water off of the surface, the vinyl will not be able to adhere to the film it produces. Once the area is cleaned, the vinyl will have no problem adhering to the window.

Non-standard surfaces
Because there are hundreds of different materials and surfaces that our vinyl can stick to, it is difficult to know how the vinyl will work in every specific application. If you are not sure if the vinyl will work for what you need. We offer vinyl sample pieces of every color and type of vinyl that we carry. If you are interested in ordering a vinyl sample to see the exact color or how it will apply to your surface, please just click on the link below.w.

Click here to view our vinyl samples.