Product policy

All vinyl ratings stated on this site are recommended by the vinyl manufacturing companies themselves. Although, there are several recommended uses for their vinyl, it in no way guarantees any single application to be safe. When applying or removing any self-adhesive vinyl, there is always a possibility of damage to the surface.

There are several factors to ensure safe/ proper vinyl application and removal. Since our vinyl products are applied and removed by our customers, 1060 Graphics will be in no way responsible for any unforeseen issues when applying or removing these products on any surface. Any/ all damage that may occur by applying or removing any vinyl product on any surface is solely the responsibly of the customer. Applying or removing any vinyl on any surface is at the risk of that person.

1060 Graphics does not guarantee or warranty any vinyl products, vinyl applications, vinyl uses, or vinyl ratings on this site.

Please, email us if you have any questions or would like to receive additional product information.